Why CrossFit Final Call is Dangerous

There are five BIG reasons why CFFC is dangerous.


Dangerous to You

If you come in and talk with one of our coaches, (which is something we do with everyone before they start), Coach will ask, “where do you really want to go with your life?” and you’ll both talk about how your fitness affects that question every day.

Then you’ll both talk about the difference between where you want to go and where you are, right now at this moment. You’ll both see what’s currently missing to get you there, but also what you’re already doing well. Now that you know what’s missing, you’ll both look at the obstacles you’re dealing with and map out an action plan to overcome those obstacles, starting today.

That means you’ll be making great changes that you can sustain on a daily basis.

And that’s dangerous.

Because human brains are pre-programmed to fear the unknown, “Who will I be if I stop my daily habits and living the life I’m currently living?” We don’t sense success as dangerous; we sense the unknown area where success lives, as dangerous.

Dangerous to Your Negative Voice

Speaking of success, you’ll be having a lot of it, and at our gym, we celebrate that success often. We love acknowledging the new things clients can do now, that they couldn’t a week ago, or even a year ago. We also practice seeing our successes each week in our Facebook group. We call it “Bright Spots Friday.”

Being in a positive environment where you are racking up lots of wins and continued success is very dangerous to that voice inside your head that says, “I can’t do this.”, “I’ll never change.” or “I’m to {this} or not enough, {that}.”

Dangerous to Sickness Inc.

By that time, you’ll have made some real changes in your daily life. I doubt you’ll “need” sodas like you used to, or drive-throughs for convenience. You’ll know the difference between being hungry and being stressed, and you’ll de-stress instead of stress-eat.

You won’t be at such risk for preventable and reversible diseases that over-feed the pharmacy industry. Where will they make their billions if you don’t eat poorly and stay sedentary? They’ll have to restructure and thrive by solving problems and saving lives. I’d genuinely love to see them doing more of that.

Dangerous to “Gyms”

CrossFit changed the face of the planet when it comes to fitness. You no longer have to choose a cheap gym membership where you get fatter or sicker because you don’t use it, or don’t even know what to do when you do use it. Now, you can choose a coaching service that teaches you what to do, makes it fun, and thrives by bringing their clients results and an end to fitness frustration.

Dangerous to the “the Industry”

When I started in fitness, most of the “trainers” who could get you fit had never experienced what it was to be un-fit. They had fit friends; they had fit clients too. Most of their effort was dedicated to physique competitions and competitors. Unfortunately, the ones who wanted to help you feel better and lose weight were over-worked, underpaid, or forget to show up some days.

Where did that leave the rest of us?

A professional is just that, professional. We believe your coaches and trainers should greet you with a smile, remember your name AND that knee that gives you grief so he can give you a better substitute for lunges today. They’re not there because they win competitions, but because helping others feel good makes them feel good. A caring heart and a professional work ethic is a must at our gym. **A sense of humor helps.

The list could keep going. But the headings will still look familiar. CrossFit Final Call is bad news to the things that are bad news to you.

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