What Vision Do You Have for Yourself?

CFFC Vision: Change the way the people in our community think about and act upon their health and fitness.

I want you to take a good hard look at where you’re at today. Are you stuck in a rut? Are you trying to do things your own way and its just not working the way you had hoped it would? Maybe you’re not sure what to do. Possibly, you’re not sure how to do it. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to make a change, but you feel lost. If we continue to do things the way we’ve always done them, we will continue to get the same results. I know you’ve heard that before. So why do you continue down the same path to nowhere?

I think part of the reason we’ve found ourselves stuck in the place were in today is because we’ve been misled for so long. For years we’ve been led to believe that fitness should be easy – jog for 30 minutes, 7-minute abs, 20-minute workout videos, eat less to lose weight, shakes, supplements, and so on. The truth is that though these things might for a time, they’ve never been the answer to sustainable, long lasing health and fitness.

The problem has become a cultural one. We’ve become accustom to quick fixes, quick answers, and easy solutions. Bu the cold hard truth is that nothing worth having in this life comes easy. It takes hard work, commitment, and perseverance to get that great job, degree, pay raise, new position, health, fitness… or whatever else you’re chasing after.

I don’t think there’s any one person or generation to blame for thinking the way we do. It just sort of happened. Mankind has been in continuous search of a better or mor efficient way to live. Maybe were just living in a time of the culmination of that search.

I stepped in to teach a beginner session last week. Really, these sessions are my favorite. I love to work with new people. I love talking with them about the vision they have for their self, and their future. They have fresh eyes and new perspective. Most of the time they’ve been lost and looking for something – or someone – to guide them toward their vision. I noticed a look of total confusing in my new trainees’ eyes. We were learning a new movement and her look made me feel a sense of concern. My coach’s instinct told me to stop and work for some clarification.

I said, “you look confused. What’s going on?” Her reply was this: “It’s just that no one has ever spend the time to show me how to do the movements. Ive always just shown up, done the workout, then gone home.”

She was confused by the effort our team had put into showing her the way. She was confused by the care and concern our team had shown for her. She was confused because she was feeling something she hadn’t felt in a gym before – connection.

That’s the problem with what you’ve been told. There’s no concern, or connection. The easy way doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t care if you understand or if your moving closer each day to the vision you have for yourself. It doesn’t care how well your taken care of, if your happy or sad, how your day went, or what your struggles are. It doesn’t help you work through your fear or celebrate in your successes.

Everything you’re looking for is on the other side of the things you’ve never done before.

So, I ask now – what vision do you have for your future? Is what you’ve always done or what you’re doing today moving you closer or farther away from that vision? Are you willing to take a chance to reach success? Are you willing to step away from ordinary and become extraordinary?

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