Vision – Mission – Values

Our purpose at Final Call is to change the way people in our community think about and act on their health and fitness. We are a gathering place for our community offering guidance that empowers people to feel confident in the way they look and feel, and have fun doing it. The health and fitness industry has not been fair. We have been sold a lie. T.V., magazines, and social media have long led us to believe that we should look a certain way, and that it should take minimal effort to get there. We have been sold on magic pills, fad diets, and seven-minute abs.

  • Focus On Solutions.

Each one of our jobs is to create solutions. Solutions for the client, for each other, for ourselves, for Final Call and this community we live in. 

  • Be a leader.

Leaders find ways to win. Leaders lead from the front. Leaders develop other leaders.

In truth, there is no shortcut to great health and the sort of fitness that translates to meaningful functionality in everyday life. At Final Call, we seek to change those widely accepted notions for the people in our community. We will change the way people think about their health and fitness. The goal: to help our local community feel confident in breaking the chains of physical limitation and find the freedom to live life on their terms. In doing so, we will teach people how to move well, and translate that movement to their life outside of the gym. Here is where the people in our community will learn to create or change nutritional habits that matches their goals.

  • Be Positive.

Develop a sense of being present and a discipline of gratitude. Accept feedback. Critique compassionately. Breathe deeply. Unplug and get fresh air often.

  • Watch Out For Each Other. 

We are a Team. A Team is only as strong as the people in it. If the culture is strong but the Team is weak, the Team will lose. If the Team is strong, but the culture is weak, the Team will lose. Listen to one another, feed off one another, support one another, ask questions, be there when one of us makes a mistake and be a guide instead of assuming or judging.

More than anything, Final Call is a place where people who are tired of the status quo can come together. It is a place full of people who can rely on one another. It is a place where the people around you will push you to be your absolute best every day. You will be challenged by them, lifted by them, and feel the sort of gratitude that will pull you to elevate others. We are a group of mentally and physically resilient people all with unique goals in mind, bound together through the common thread of self-improvement.

Always Ready.

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