Have you ever caught yourself thinking things like…

What’s wrong with my body?

Why can’t I look like him/her?

Well they seem to be able to eat a ton of calories AND exceed their goals… meanwhile, I feel like I’m scrapping for food and seeing no results…

If only I could look like ______________…

If only I could lift like _______________…

If only I could eat like ______________…

Envy seems to boast a similar never-ending wheel, but I think that our comparisons tend to do more than keep us stuck…The wrong kind of comparisons move us backward.

I realize how easy it is to get stuck in the myths of “If only…” and “Why can’t I…?” but here’s the thing: life is a unique journey and process for all of us, and when it comes to all kinds of things – including nutrition – comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle or end won’t get you very far.

Weight loss, weight gain, or whatever your end-goal is, won’t satisfy you in and of itself. With eyes constantly on everyone else’s “better-than,” it won’t matter how many milestones you hit, because they’ll always be hitting a “better one.”

We want the comparisons to be with ourselves. We want you to fall in love with the process. And we are all in process. So, sure, comparisons are going to happen, but rather than getting stuck on (or thrown backward by) the hamster wheel, let them inspire you. Because you’re on your own journey, just like they are.


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