Just Leave My Abs Alone

Let’s talk about goals. Why you need them, and how they fit into your plans.

This may sound vain and ridiculous but my goals are to have abs. I have them now and I don’t want them to go away. I never had them before, even when I was in the depths of an awful eating disorder so now that I have them, I want them to stay gosh darn it.

Because I have that goal, I know I have to be super consistent with my exercise and nutrition. I feed my body with food viewing it as fuel, not pleasure. I allow myself 1 “treat” a week. Usually its a taco salad from our favorite local Mexican restaurant. I skip the chips. This week its going to the Cheesecake Factory with my mom and sister. I’ll have chicken tacos because they are my favorite with no cheesecake.

Today, we had Thanksgiving at work. Knowing I already had my “treat” planned for the week, I went into the meal knowing I could still enjoy it and enjoy being with my work family, but not by going crazy with the food part. I had a palm full of ham, 1/2 plate of green beans, and a fist full of corn for my carb.

I have trained my mind this way and its taken a long time. My goals are always on my mind. I let those goals be my guiding light when making nutritional choices for myself. While, yes, the dessert and rolls looked good, I know they wouldn’t be fueling my goals or my body. Not everyone is like me, I understand that! This is why its important to get a nutrition coach who works with you and your goals. They can help develop a plan that suites you.

If you nutrition coach allows you 2 treats a week, don’t have 2 treats plus go out to eat with every night. You won’t hit the goal you want! Most of the time, look at food as fuel. Start trying to separate the events from the food. Recognize that it is the event, and people around you that are special and important, not the food at the event. When you can change your mindset around food, the process gets easier! Going into these holidays, the enjoyment should be being with your family, making memories. View it less about the food, and more about the people! Fuel your memories and your body! Be consistent!

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