The Break


I hope you’re a Tom Hanks fan. I am. Have you ever seen the movie, “Cast Away?” You know….


I’d like to fast forward to the end of the movie and talk about the break. By this point in the movie, Tom has been living o the island for a long time – something like 5 years. He’s learned where all of the best fishing spots are. He knows the best please to gather coconuts. He’s got his shelter built strong enough to withstand any storm that blows through. And he’s even found a new best friend with Wilson. While its not easy, his life has become relatively comfortable given his situation. He could stay there, be safe, and survive if he wanted.


He can watch, learn, and figure things out. He can learn when the tide would be low, where the break was, and how to get past it. So he made a raft. He knew just the right time to drop the raft in the water.

Just before he drops the raft into the water though, he ties his buddy Wilson down and tells him that all he has to do is hang on. “Just hang on, I’ll take care of all of the work!”

So Tom drops the raft into the water and he’s paddling. He’s paddling his heart out. The waves are getting bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER. But it’s not time yet.. he hasn’t reached the break.

As soon as he starts to get close to the break, and the really big wave is coming… he lets go. He stops working, and fighting so hard for everything, to get past that break. At just the right he releases the sail. He lets the sail carry him past the break.

There are always pieces of us that are afraid to fail.

It’s so hard to let go of our fears, doubts, and worries. We’ve all got these things that we wish we could do. Get started on your fitness journey, turn your health around, go back to school so you can get a better job. But the fear of failure wraps it’s ugly claws so tightly around so many of us that we never take action on those hopes or ambitions.

We get so caught up in what other people would think of us if we can’t get the job done. “What happens if I commit to this thing and fail?” “What will people say about me then?”

That fear.. that worry.. that’s the break.

Two years from now where do you want to be physically, mentally, emotionally?

If you put the work in, you can have it. You can turn your health around. You can lose the weight. You can get the degree that gets you the job.

But you’ll have to let go of that fear of failure.

You’ll have to get past the break.  

Your desire to succeed has to be greater than your fear to fail.

We can’t give you the desire to succeed. But we can lift you up along your journey. We can support you on your way to whatever success you see in your future.

Always Ready.

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