Most People

Most people want things to stay just as they are, but calmer.

Most people are afraid.

Most people aren’t curious.

Most people hide.

Most people say they’re willing to work hard, but never really do it.

Most people aren’t aware how what they do affects other people.

Most people don’t think they need help.

Most people will take one look and say, “that’s crazy.”

Most people will make fun of us because they’re too scared to try something new.

Most people will give you a hard time for trying to make a change in your life.

Most people are scared to work hard.

Most people don’t belong here.

The problem is, you’re surrounded by most people.

You’re not most people.

People like us aren’t scared to step outside of our comfort zone.

People like us know something needs to change.

People like us aren’t afraid to ask for help.

People like us are ready to work hard for what we want.

People like us realize that everything we want is on the other side of fear.

People like us won’t accept “the way things are.”

People like us are focused on making tomorrow better.

People like us know it won’t happen without some fight.

People like us swallow our fear and do what needs to be done.

People like us don’t complain.

People like us take care of one another.

People like us do things like this.

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