Meet Susannah: Super Mom, Farmhand, and CrossFit Enthusiast

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Our community is made up of incredible individuals with unique stories. Today, we want you to meet Susannah – a super mom, a farmhand, and a dedicated member of our CrossFit family.

Work-Life Juggle: Susannah’s days are a juggling act that would leave most of us in awe. She’s not just a stay-at-home mom to her son, Tobias, but also a helping hand on her family’s grain farm. If that wasn’t enough, she’s a certified yoga instructor, providing balance to her life.

The Hurdle: Like many parents, Susannah faced a significant hurdle before she joined CrossFit Final Call. It wasn’t about shedding a few pounds; it was about gaining the energy and patience to keep up with her vibrant son, Tobias. The demands of farm work and childcare can take their toll.

The Gym’s Magic: So, how did Susannah turn things around? The answer lies in the gym. CrossFit Final Call became her sanctuary, not just for physical health but also for mental well-being. It gave her the strength to handle daily tasks, even with Tobias by her side. More importantly, it became her outlet for any pent-up frustration, transforming it into energy to conquer her workouts.

The Transformation: Susannah’s journey at the gym has been nothing short of transformative. She’s not only physically stronger but mentally resilient too. The extra weight she lost is just a bonus compared to the immense confidence she’s gained.

Words of Wisdom: For anyone contemplating CrossFit, Susannah offers some valuable advice: “Just try it. You’ll surprise yourself with how strong you can become, both inside and out.”

Susannah’s journey speaks volumes about the power of determination and the supportive community here at CrossFit Final Call.