CrossFit Final Call Robinson: A Journey of Transformation and Community

As CrossFit Final Call celebrates its sixth anniversary, it’s a momentous occasion to look back at our journey, appreciate the present, and look forward to the incredible future that lies ahead. Our story is one of transformation, community, and the relentless pursuit of better health and fitness.

Humble Beginnings

My personal journey with CrossFit began in 2011, during a challenging period in my life marked by survivor’s guilt from my military service. A friend introduced me to CrossFit, and my first workout, named Daniel, was a transformative experience. It was like a baptism, washing away my guilt and fear, and filling me with a newfound purpose and inspiration.

The Garage Gym Era

Seven years ago, I set up a garage gym on Franklin Street. Just like many of you, I was so excited about CrossFit that I couldn’t stop talking about it. I invited friends, and those friends invited more friends. What started as a small group quickly grew into classes. At that time, I was juggling a job at the refinery while coaching these classes. The community kept growing, and I knew I had found my purpose.

Building a Sanctuary

Inspired by the community’s growth, I began searching for a new home for CrossFit Final Call. We found an old Chinese restaurant and transformed it into a sanctuary for health, wellness, and community. More recently, we’ve moved into our permanent home at 111 W. Highland. Over the past six years, the magic that has unfolded within those walls is awe-inspiring. We’ve celebrated love, new life, personal records, and supported each other through thick and thin.

Business Acumen and Lessons Learned

As the community and business grew, I realized the importance of business acumen. I shifted my focus from day-to-day coaching to working on the business. However, in this transition, I lost sight of the core values that made us special. I had traded my passion for glory, but I’m proud to say that I’ve reconnected with what makes CrossFit Final Call truly unique.

Facing Challenges Head-On

The past few years have been challenging, with the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturns. However, I firmly believe that the best days for CrossFit Final Call are yet to come. We have each other’s backs, and as Marcus Aurelius once said, “What stands in our way becomes the way.”

The Road Ahead

As we close out 2023 and step into 2024, our team is more inspired than ever. We are committed to serving and growing the Final Call community. Expect to see changes, but know that these changes are necessary for growth. Our focus will always be on being better for each and every one of you.

Happy sixth birthday, CrossFit Final Call! Here’s to many more years of health, fitness, and community. I love you all, and I’m excited for what the future holds.