The Road to Handstand Push-ups: Part 2 – “Because I was inverted.” – Maverick

Now that you’re able to do push-ups all day long, it’s time to start getting comfortable kicking up to the wall. We won’t start working on the actual Handstand push-up just yet though.

Before we start to push upside down, let’s spend time kicking up on the wall, coming back down, and getting comfortable in an uncomfortable position.

Your goal – kick up to the wall, 1:00 Handstand hold with a stable overhead position, and kick back down under control.

Day 1 –
3 x 10 reps of inchworm getting hands as close to feet as possible. We’re working to get those hammies unglued and get some active stretching done.

3 x 10-15 reps pike push-ups

This is also a good day to work on some posterior mobility. Check out this video for some ideas

Day 2 –
3 x 8-10 Pike walkouts w/ feet elevated on box – think inchworm with your feet on a box.

Take 5:00 to practice kicking up to the wall. Here are a few videos about the setup and hand placement for the kick up, and finding balance in the Handstand

Day 3 –
10:00 practice wall walks trying to get as close to the wall as possible

5:00-10:00 practice kicking up to a handstand and holding position

When you can successfully kick up under control, hold a Handstand for 1:00, and kick down safely you’re ready to move to part 3.

Good luck!

For further reading check out this article in the CrossFit Journal written by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman.

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