Nutrition Tips for the Holidays

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, overlooking and neglecting your health can be simple and unintentional. Detour the potential risks of weight gain and stay healthy this December with these wellness tips for the holidays!

Keep Active

The chaos of holiday schedules can make it extremely difficult to make it to the gym each morning. Instead of fixating on missed workouts, find other methods to keep active. Heading to the mall later for last minute shopping? Take the steps when possible. Wanting to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood? Walk instead of drive. Use any opportunity available to stay active this holiday season.

Do Not Skip Meals!

Though skipping meals may seem like an obvious way to cut calories and stay trim, it can be detrimental to health goals. It does seem logical, though, to sacrifice your lunch hour to leave more room for the holiday party later. However, arriving starved can lead to overeating. So Eat balanced throughout the day, focusing on portions and servings, and continuing the practice of moderation at the party.

Pack A Snack

Whether trimming tinsel or scratching off your Christmas list, pack a high-protein and/or fiber snack to lessen the risk of running through fast food in a bit of hunger. Convenient and nutritious snack options include almonds, beef jerky, protein bars, string cheese, yogurt, and a small jug of chocolate milk. . Fill up on fresh veggies and fruits first, seek out a lean protein source, then allow yourself for a small slice of pumpkin pie you have been eyeballing.

Always always remember, the holidays are not about the food, but rather spending time with those we love and making memories for years to come.

Happy Holidays from CrossFit Final Call!

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