Member Spotlight: Pam

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 I was motivated to join CrossFit after moving here from Michigan. I wanted a fitness program and I saw Final Call ad on Facebook. Of course, I didn’t think I could do this. I was too old, I’ve had surgery on both my knees, and all the excuses you can think of. I was trying to workout at home, but not making much progress. I was planning a vacation for my 60th birthday and knew I wanted to be in better shape. I finally got the nerve and called to find out if CrossFit would work for me. 

The first day starting at the gym I was scared I would fail, and this was probably going to be a big mistake. My coach made me feel very comfortable and once I understood the program, I felt a lot better. I can do this! It might not be pretty, but at least I’m doing it. 

I’ve been going to CrossFit for over a year now. It has improved my energy and I’m in much better shape. I feel stronger and it has helped in the work we do at the farm.   

What is nice about this program it works at my level of fitness. There are a couple of the exercises I can’t do because of my knees. I’ll not go near a jump rope or do a box jump, but it’s ok. The coach will modify the workout and give me a different movement to do. This is what I really like about CrossFit. You are coached through every workout, and you work at your own level. It makes you give a little more than just going to a gym. You are not being pushed but encouraged to try a little harder. 

I also did the nutrition program. I got a better understanding on what I need to eat to build muscle and burn fat. What I liked about this program is accountability. Checking in with my coach helped me make better choices.  I still don’t like most vegetable, but I know I need to have them.

I got my husband to come to bring a friend week. Believe me it took a lot of bugging. He had the same fears and apprehensions I had about starting something new. But he had also seen how much I had changed since going. I had a better attitude, didn’t seem to be as stressed, and I was getting tone.  He noticed I was stronger at doing the chores around the farm, which made his life a little easier.  He went to that first class and signed up the next day. I was shocked. I never thought he would get that into CrossFit, but no looking back. We go to class 3-5 times a week.

Moving here I didn’t know very many people. That has changed since I’ve been at Final Call. Everyone is welcoming and friendly.  It’s a family and we are all working to improve ourselves. You look forward to going and when you’re not there it’s noticed. I missed three weeks. I had been not feeling well, and then doing some travel. The other members jokingly threaten my husband to report that he had me locked in the basement, because I don’t miss class for that long. I thought it was hilarious and we don’t have a basement.

If you are thinking of, making a change in your health and fitness, give it a try.  I’m so glad I did.

Hope to see you there!

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