Meet The Team – Coach Jennifer

Where did you grow up a where are you from?

I grew up in Durand, Michigan, a small town between Lansing and Flint. After college I moved to Nebraska and spent about 5 years there, but will always ‘be from’ Michigan.

What do you do for fun?

For fun I’m usually spending time with Chuck, the dogs or both. I don’t idle well so I am always moving. Snowboarding and running are great for my adrenaline. I enjoy reading and baking, going to sporting events and traveling anywhere with Chuck. 🙂

When you were a kid what did you want to grow up to become?

I don’t remember the whole list, but at some points I wanted to be a teacher and others a veterinarian. Neither of those ended up being part of the plan but I think my new goal is to (eventually) take hold of my parents’ lawn care business.

Why do you do CrossFit?

I do CrossFit because I want to challenge myself. When we moved to Robinson last year it was a perfect opportunity to try it out and I’ve really come to enjoy the rigor and like to see the changes and progress I can make.

What made you decide to become a coach at Final Call?

I decided to try out coaching because I want to continue to challenge myself. I think I can motivate the other athletes around me and am continuously inspired and in awe at the accomplishments of those at CFFC.

I’m looking forward to this adventure!

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