Compete With You

Reject the idea that you are in competition with others.

The Latin word for “competition” is competere, meaning “to strive with,” not “to strive against.”

You are only in competition with your best self. When you compete with yourself, your goal isn’t to be the best; your goal is to be at your best more of the time. This mindset is completely independent of what May be going on around you at work, school, or the gym. When you know you have given your best, you feel good about yourself in spite of the outcome. There will always be a scoreboard or competitor, but by competing with your best self you’ll raise the probability that the scoreboard works in your favor more of the time.

You discover what your best is when you are in a healthy competitive environment rather than comparing yourself to others. It’s more than about winning, or what someone else can do. It’s about discovering what is possible.

We have so much potential that needs to be unleashed, and it is only unleashed when we commit to being OUR best verses being THE best. You could be the best on the scoreboard, but still not be YOUR best.


This comparison game has caused more unhappiness that we could ever imagine. You are only in competition with your best self. When this becomes your mindset, neither wins or losses define you – only improving yourself does.

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